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Alexander Star (aka A. Star) is an Emmy-nominated indie artist, songwriter, vocal producer, and social impact activist living in South Florida, USA.

A. Star has toured 10+ countries and is one of the few musicians invited to perform inside the United Nations Headquarters multiple times. His unique work in the field of world change has given him the title IMPACT ARTIST.

A. Star’s song “Pass The Good Vibes Around” became the anthem for Les Anges, France’s #1 rated reality TV series (Star appears as the ‘Vocal Production Specialist’ on two seasons of the show). The same song was later adopted by MSC Cruises in a music video campaign to help restore tourism to Eastern Caribbean islands after they suffered devastating hurricane damage.

In 2020, Alexander Star’s song “This Is My Era” was re-branded into a Super Bowl LIV campaign featuring NFL stars rapping Star’s lyrics alongside him to promote eco-friendly habits and coral reef awareness.



Alexander Star rose to fame in Rwanda with his song “Show Me The Way,” a collaboration with Rwandan superstar Andy Bumuntu promoting peace & humanity to help heal hearts in a post-genocide nation. A. Star performed in the capital city of Kigali at the Ubumuntu Arts Festival two years in a row (2018 & 2019) until the COVID-19 pandemic halted global travel.

“I just wanna spread love to folks who need good energy in their life. Music can be powerful medicine, so I write my own prescriptions that cause real positive side effects.”

A. Star

Alexander Star’s artistic impact has now evolved into his latest studio album, Five Star General. Co-produced by Grammy-winning multi-platinum production team QST Music Group, Star calls FSG his best work to date and is calling on fans to support his growth organically and keep up with the evolution!


Every year, A. Star works with Montessori Model United Nations to help students create original songs about world impact. He also works with nonprofits like The Motivational Edge and HANDY, Inc. leading therapeutic songwriting & recording sessions as an expert sound engineer helping teens in foster care share stories about their lives through music.

“I work with kids who completely shut out adults due to what they’ve been through in life. But with music I cut through and I get them to open up in ways they normally don’t. I’ve recorded somewhere between 400 – 500 kids getting them to not only tap into their creative side but also unpack heavy baggage they’ve had on their minds but didn’t quite know how to express.”

A. Star

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